60 … yes, 60 … Must Have Digital Marketing Tools

60 must have digital marketing tools

60 … yes, 60 … Must Have Digital Marketing Tools

Ok, so having 60 digital marketing tools to manage your marketing is a tad excessive, plus how could you possibly remember all the passwords! Anyway having some tools to support your digital efforts is probably a must, very few manage without some form of analytics and productivity tools, and certain design tools can be a real help to the small business who needs to create something pleasing on the eye but doesn’t have a design function. But which ones really do add value and which ones will you have forgotten before the pixels on the sign-up form have faded.

This fascinating infographic from depositphotos lists 60 digital tools across different categories:

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Social Media – Coschedule is a great help when building an editorial calendar but is relatively expensive, whilst buffer can help manage a busy social media plan.
Email – Mailchimp remains one of the go-to email platforms, and its recent redesign has some neat new features, but beware of its omnivore tool for spitting out email addresses it doesn’t like so best to verify them before adding, maybe using a tool such as NeverBounce.
SEO – Tools are an absolute nailed-on requirement for understanding the dark art of SEO. Semrush and ahrefs are two of our favourites.
Advertising – Google adwords, which is now google ads, is an obvious requirement when running PPC ads, but it no longer allows accurate keyword analyse unless you spend with them.
Design – Prezi can be an excellent alternative to powerpoint and Canva (not shown) is very useful for creating graphics for social posts etc.
Productivity – Hootsuite is very good for managing a social post calendar whilst trello is an excellent planning tool which can be used for creating really effective editorial calendars.
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