9 Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing

9 Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

The evergreen of any marketing trends report over the last few years has been Account-Based Marketing (ABM): the technique of having a tightly defined content programme, creating material that speaks directly to the specific needs of a few highly prized prospect accounts.

ABM is the shift from the one-to-many approach of most marketing tactics, to the one-to-one approach now demanded by many B2B buyers. We have certainly experienced the rewards associated with content that is written specifically for the individual challenges faced by certain prospects. And according to ITSMA 87% of B2B marketers agree ABM delivers a higher ROI than other marketing activities. This is a hefty claim, but what indeed are the benefits of taking an account-based approach to your marketing? This infographic proposes 9 “killer” benefits of ABM.

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The infographic from sammrat.com suggest the following benefits:

  • those who engage in an ABM approach have been shown to increase revenues
  • once ABM has been shown to work, you can identify prospects with similar profiles
  • fewer resources are wasted when using ABM
  • ABM eliminates unqualified buyers at the outset, therefore shortening the sales cycle
  • ABM can help align the sales and marketing teams
  • buyers crave personalised messages and content; ABM provides the platform to deliver these
  • the laser-focus of ABM makes it easier to track and analyse results.

The keen-eyed among you will notice we have listed only 7 benefits. Well … there are in fact only 8 benefits on the infographic and one of them wasn’t actually a benefit so that one was ditched!

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