Westside Drinks wanted to generate sales leads within the independent pubs and hotel sector


The Challenge

Westside Drinks are a young, exciting craft beer and cider distributor. They are ultimately part of Fuller’s, but needed to develop a positioning and unique profile of their own to resonate with beers buyers who are looking for a bit of edge and personality. Westside asked us to help introduce their business and their brands (Frontier, Sierra Nevada, Veltins , mmmm) to the independent pubs and hotel sector.

What We Did

We created them a new identity and branded outlook that really resonates with the sector. To capture all their brands in one place we then created a new product brochure in print, download and digital versions [the digital version was particularly cool and had animated pouring shots, nice]. We coupled these with a series of thought-leading videos from industry experts and targeted 4000 sector prospects via a fully automated email campaign.

The Results

The emails were sent to prospects with no relationship with Westside and regularly achieved open rates of over 10%, with some areas getting 12.5%. Over 1500 outlets engaged with the campaign and the activity generated over 200 content downloads. 214 contacts reached a lead-score appropriate for passing to sales, and Westside have now opened 12 new accounts as a direct consequence of the campaign and have an ongoing dialogue with 37 others.


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