Used content marketing to target hard-to-reach prospects


The Challenge

Fleetworx are a team of specialist supply chain experts that work within company car benefit design. They realised that they are so specialist very few people are aware of their services – as they don’t know Fleetworx’s solutions are actually possible. Fleetworx needed to build awareness of their services through education, so asked us to look at everything that may allow them to do this.

What we did

Well, essentially a complete marketing review of the fleetworx business. We spent time understanding the intricacies of their solutions and built a strategic position which was underpinned by client interviews and research. We used this insight to develop a content plan based around needs and demands of the target audience. Working without a prospect database we were always mindful of creating inbound activity using the content pieces to draw out and engage with key prospects.

We created a new branded approach, launched a new website and produced hero content pieces. We have used social channels to build awareness of the business and help engage with hard to reach prospects. We support the hero content pieces with a pyramid structure of short and long-form derivative assets [blogs,slideshares etc], always encouraging website traffic and download.


This one is hot of the press. So watch this space…


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