Advance wanted to raise the awareness of their Thermodyne ovens within the hospitality sector.


The Challenge

Advance Group are the UK’s leading provider of kitchen design, supply and product life asset management. Basically they create great commercial kitchens. One of their most amazing pieces of kitchen equipment is the Thermodyne, a precision cooking unit that revolutionises the way a kitchen operates. As the Thermodyne is so unique, Advance knew they needed to educate their target audience about its properties and tell a great story about how it can help a professional kitchen perform better.

What we did

Advance asked us to look at a content programme and lead nurturing pathway that would tell an increasingly detailed story about the benefits of Thermodyne as the prospect became more engaged. We loved this brief and created some awesome content pieces all based around the strategic premise of creating precision kitchens.

We started the content journey with an infographic, and quickly followed with a whitepaper, a prezi (amazing things), a couple of videos and an online profit calculator. Our marketing automation programme delivered each piece of content via email, generating lead scores for each prospect, allowing us to determine those ready to pass to the sales team.


Throughout the campaign we engaged with 1690 prospects, 312 of which were passed to the sales team after reaching a lead score high enough to be considered sales-ready.

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